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Mermaid Tails for Everyone

Welcome to the Mermaid Kat Shop. This online mermaid shop was opened in April 2013 by Mermaid Kat, who is a professional mermaid and underwater stunt model. In this mermaid shop you can find mermaid tails for children and adults. Check out our high quality fabric and silicone mermaid tails for swimming. We also offer mermaid accessories such as mermaid crowns, jewelry and unicorn horns. We hope you enjoy your time in the Mermaid Kat Shop

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Our Story

About the Mermaid Kat Shop

Most little girls dream about turning into a real life mermaid. Many women wished they could make their childhood dream come true and become a real life mermaid for a day – or even longer. Some men would like to meet a merman and more and more men and boys are actually wanting to turn into mermen and merboys themselves.

The Mermaid Kat Shop offers Mermaid Tails for everyone!

The Mermaid Kat Shop is for all real life mermaids, mermen and mermaid lovers. You will find different kinds of mermaid tails for children, men and women. We offer fabric mermaid tails or tails made out of high quality silicone.

Before Mermaid Kat opened the Mermaid Kat Shop she had many years of experience and training in differed fields.  She worked as a fashion model, scuba and freediving instructor, underwater model, professional mermaid and mermaid trainer. For Kat it was important to create high quality tails that are strong enough for proper swimming. With the combination of all her skills she and her team created mermaid fins that look as realistic as possible but are also high functional and safe to use in the water.

Our mermaid tails are proper sports equipment

We offer mermaid tails for beginners, advanced and professional mermaids and mermen. All the tails in our mermaid shop include a professional freediving mono fin which is safe to use in the water for strong swimmers.

From Mermaids for Mermaids

Our mermaid fins are designed, created and tested by Mermaid Kat and our professional team of scuba instructors, freediving instructors and artists.

Hand Made

All our silicone mermaid tails are hand made by our professional mermaid creators. Every silicone mermaid tail is unique and made to your personal measurements.

Worldwide Shipping

As an international mermaid online shop the Mermaid Kat Shop ships worldwide. Order mermaid tails and mermaid accessories from anywhere in the world.

We are here to help

If you have any questions to our products please don’t hesitate to contact the Mermaid Kat Shop at any time. Email address:

Environmental Friendly

As an environmental friendly company we avoid unnecessary packages as good as possible. Furthermore we reuse our side products to avoid producing waste as good as we can.

Safety is our Priority

Our mermaid tails were created and tested by water professionals with many years of working experience in the water. They include a proper freediving monofin with two separate foot pockets and heel straps to secure a proper fit in the water.

Our Mermaid Tails have been seen in

We hope you will love our mermaid tails