There are many cheap mermaid tails on the market. You can order mermaid tail accessories from online stores. These modern poolside accessories range from a price of $100 to more than $1000. Most come as a complete set that is a mermaid tail skin, a mermaid bikini and a mermaid monofin. Don’t be fast to purchase, take time and know the types of mermaid tails in the market.

There are lots of cheap mermaid tails which can be dangerous to you while swimming or even having them on at the poolside. Cheap mermaid tails for swimming often have poor quality neoprene designs covering the monofin. Since neoprene is positively buoyant (means it floats to the surface) it makes it hard for you to lift your head out of the water for breathing. Poor quality mermaid tails also don’t have the patented safety features of the tails and monofins. Most cheap tails include a small cheap flipper instead of a proper monofin. These flippers often have no separate foot pockets and no heel straps to secure a proper fit while swimming. It is very common to slip out of most fins that come with cheap mermaid tails. This can lead to dangerous situations in the water.

Cheap mermaid tails can break easily
Cheap mermaid tails often consist of screws or nails

The bottom line is, that these types of mermaid tails can increase the risk of having an accident and even drowning. Most poor quality mermaid tails don’t come with any safety instructions manual other than a written box. Some don’t have any label showing proper testing of the product; this is hazardous. The wrong use or assembly of cheap mermaid tails can result in serious injuries while swimming.

And don’t forget, cheap is expensive. It is better to buy a product once and use it for a longer period while staying safe than purchasing a cheap tail that breaks easily and risks injuring the mermaid. Cheap mermaid tails are not built with quality materials throughout. Some fins are built with nails and screws that can rust easily. Others are made out of materials like acrylic glass which can break easily while being in the water. Some fins don’t keep the contact between your feet and the fin while swimming. Most cheap mermaid tails are not created by water professionals and are not efficient while using in the water.

Instead of purchasing cheap mermaid tails save a little bit longer and invest in a good quality mermaid tail. A good quality mermaid tail is not only safer in the water but will also save you money at the end as it won’t break as quickly as cheap mermaid tails.

If you want to purchase mermaid tails for your children, think twice before you decide on the design. You want your children to have fun but also to be safe, right?! Cheap mermaid tails can be big safety risks.

Compared to cheap mermaid tails good mermaid tails have quality monofins

This video will give you lots of mermaid tail safety tips:

If you invest in a good quality mermaid tail, you also invest in your children’s health. But never forget: always supervise your children in the water. It doesn’t matter if they wear cheap mermaid tails or no tails at all. Children should always be supervised while being in the water.

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