Free Christmas Mermaid Tail Giveaway

Free Christmas Mermaid Tail Giveaway

Enter our Christmas Mermaid Tail Giveaway and with a little bit of luck you can win this beautiful red mermaid tail.

This Christmas Mermaid Tail Giveaway comes with a red fabric mermaid tail skin, the matching red bikini and one of our professional mermaid monofins. Depending on your shoe size your red mermaid tail comes with either the “Mermaid Kat Triton” or “Mermaid Kat Hydra”. Both mermaid monofins were designed by engineers and freediving instructors. They are the most efficient and powerful mermaid monofins and endorsed by freedivers and mermaids worldwide. Two separate foot pockets will make sure that your ankles can’t touch and hurt each other while swimming. Two adjustable heel straps secure the proper fit for your feed and won’t wear out.

The mermaid tail and bikini fabric consists of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It is chlorine and saltwater resistant and won’t fade. The material is flexible and a sipper makes it easy to remove the monofin. The bikini is size adjustable and makes sure you won’t lose your mermaid look when you are out of your tail.

Free Christmas Mermaid Tail Giveaway win a red mermaid tail

To enter our free Christmas Mermaid Tail Giveaway, follow these simple steps:

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2: Download the image below and repost it on your social media

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We will announce the winner of our free Christmas Mermaid Tail Giveaway on 25th December 2016 on our Facebook page. Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas.

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