To take care of silicone mermaid tails is very important to keep them beautiful and functional for a long time. In the first place you spend a big amount of money for your silicone tail. Now you want to enjoy it for many years. Like anything, if you neglect it, it will break down. Of course, silicone is pretty strong, but it is not indestructible.

Put on your tail correctly

Taking care of silicone mermaid tails, starts with the right method of putting it on correctly. Depending on your tail’s design, if you have any extra fins attached and it’s sickness you may use different methods on how to put it on. Use a lubricant to help put on your tail. Natural oils like coconut or olive oil are good for your skin and don’t harm the environment as much as chemical lubricants. Wet your legs with some water. To take care of silicone mermaid tails, use a soft underground. You can use a towel or yoga mat. Never try to put on your tail on hard undergrounds, such as concrete or tiles. It can damage your tail.

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Be aware of fingernails

Once your feet are in your monofin, you can start to pull it up gently from your ankles. Ideally use your flat hands for that. Never pull your tail at the seams as it can weaken them over time. Likewise you should also avoid pulling on attached extra fins. Long fingernails are a no go for silicone tails. Trim your nails. If you put on a silicone tail with long nails you may puncture and put a hole in it. To take care of silicone mermaid tails avoid standing in them. It puts unnecessary stress on the heel area. The heels and knees are the most delicate parts of the tail.

Tips on how to take care of silicone mermaid tails

Clean you Silicone Tail properly 

Equally important is the tail care after the use in chlorine or saltwater. Always rinse your tail in cool, fresh water inside and out after use. Additionally you can rinse your tail with a white vinegar and water mix. This will help to clean it from chlorine. Similarly works a bath in baking soda and water. Rinse your tail again with fresh water after these methods. Do not use hot water.

How to take care of silicone mermaid tails

Make sure it drys completely 

If your tail doesn’t dry completely, it can damage the tail. Sooner or later molds, fungus and bacteria can start to grow. With this in mind make sure to dry your tail thoroughly after every use. To begin with dry it with a towel. Some people build tail-racks to hang the tail upside down. This allows additional water to run out of the tail. Without a rack a pool noodle can help you. Stick it down the length of the tail to hold it open. Then place a fan at the waist. This is a great and easy way to dry your tail.

I hope these tips on how to take care of silicone mermaid tails is helpful for you. Silicone tails are definitely the most amazing tails in the water and out. If you have any additional tips on how to take care of silicone mermaid tails please feel free to send me an email at:

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