The Mermaid Lady

Interview with the Mermaid Lady

Today I would like to introduce you to Ashley Knight or better known as “The Mermaid Lady”.

1. Please introduce yourself, including where you’re from and where you’re based.

My name is Ashley Knight but people all over the world know me as The Mermaid Lady! I was born in Bahrain and lived there, England, Spain, the United States and now I live in New Zealand.

2. When did you become a mermaid?

I decided I was a mermaid at the age of 5 after watching Splash! by director Ron Howard. I use to wear tee-shirts about my waist for a tail and I taught myself to swim as a mermaid that way. I’ve been swimming the mermaid swim ever since.

Interview with the Mermaid Lady

3. How did you become a mermaid?

My first book, Fins (a young adult story about a girl who discovers she is a mermaid), was published in 2010 and in order to encourage more people to attend the book signings, I ordered a mermaid tail and had a friend of mine dress up and talk to the kids who came with their parents. After the successful book tour, I decided to open a business “The Mermaid Lady” performing at children’s birthday parties, working with various businesses, water parks and aquariums. It took off very quickly!

The Mermaid Lady Interview

4. What does mermaiding mean to you?

Mermaiding is a complete part of me. I believe that to be a mermaid – to live as a mystical, beautiful creature – one should follow some sort of code. I have dubbed this the “Mer-code”. What is the mer-code? It’s quite simple: when you are a mermaid, you must realize that people will be watching you. One must conduct themselves accordingly. Mermaids are beautiful and mysterious – classy and loving, kind and fair. You should do the same, not just when you morph into your tail, but throughout your normal human life as well. You should discourage bullying and offer kindness instead. Mermaids are fair, but also strong. You should protect your own. We are fiercely loyal and want to be friends with like-minded individuals. However, this does not mean that you resort to your basest emotions when in a discussion. It means staying classy and being the lady you are truly meant to be at all times. To be a mermaid means you rise above the base (lowest) qualities and take the higher road. I encourage being ladylike at all times. Do not resort to foul language. Do not resort to violence. Remember that you are a lady and deign to follow the mer-code – one of ethics, morality and love. It also means that you do not just throw on a tail and model in it. It means becoming involved with worldly issues that desperately need attention. It can be anything – not just having to do with the sea. I have worked with Make-A-Wish volunteering. I am signed up with Kids Can – a NZ organization assisting children. I volunteer in my church. I work with the aquarium here in NZ spreading the word on ocean awareness and recycling as well as beach cleanup and animal welfare. Do you have to go this far? No, but please do if you feel inclined! If you recycle at home, you’re contributing to the betterment of this world and that is wonderful! That counts too!

Mermaid lady

5. Which part of mermaiding is your favorite? (freediving, modeling, performing, etc.)

My favourite part is being in the ocean in my tail and letting go of daily stresses and issues. I feel completely at peace there. I love modelling under water and always jump at the chance.

6. Do you do mermaiding as a hobby or professionally?

I do both.

7. Are you part of a mermaid pod?

I’ve created a pod of sorts with best-mermaid-friend, Bonnie Lavender called “Mermaid Ladies” on Facebook.

Mermaid lady

8. Do you have any tips for others who would like to turn into mermaids or mermen?

Do it. Don’t worry about what anyone else says. This is your life – not theirs – and you have to follow your dreams.

9. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you?

I’m married to the love of my life, Greg. I have two children and another I’m hoping to adopt. When I’m not mermaiding, I am a published author with over 6 books currently in print. It will be 8 at the end of the year! You can find me on Amazon!

Thank you very much Mermaid Lady for answering all my mermaid questions. I’m looking forward to following your future mermaid adventures.

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