Mermaid Kassandra from Italy

Interview with Mermaid Kassandra

Today I would like to introduce you to the Mermaid Kassandra or better said “La Sirena Kassandra“. Kassandra is a professional freediver and mermaid from Bella Italia. She loves to inspire people and to give them the felling of “everything is possible”.

1. Please introduce yourself, including where you’re from and where you’re based.

Hello everyone, I’m Kassandra Mauren and I live in a small city on the sea in Italy, just in one of the most beautiful places of the Pelagos Sanctuary for marine mammals: the 5 Terre. I am a professional free diver since I was 18 and a university student in chemistry.

2. When did you become a mermaid?

I’ve always been a mermaid since I was a little girl, I nearly learned to swim when I still couldn’t walk! I still remember that I used to spend the whole time dolphin swimming and holding my breath pretending to be an inhabitant of the sea when I was a little girl. My journey in mermaiding started later on in 2011 when I came across a video of a beautiful lady swimming in a mermaid tail, she inspired me, I immediately started thinking that I could be finally what I always dreamed to be during my childhood.

Italian Mermaid Kassandra

3. How did you become a mermaid?

Differently from what people commonly think, you don’t need a mermaid tail to become a mermaid, you first feel it and this is how it starts! I then followed any source I could find, I read the mermaid path of the women who I felt inspired by and I made an attempt in making my first mermaid tail, but I was a real disaster in sewing and it quickly fell apart after some public appearances. Some years later I had a new and more functional mermaid tail and I decided to reach the surface opening my facebook page and a YouTube channel to give to my professional journey a whole different twist!

Mermaid Kassandra Italy

4. What does mermaiding mean to you?

It means to get in touch with an hidden and ethereal part of me: the sensations I have once underwater, the way I see all the mesmerizing wonders of the sea, what I think, the connection I feel with the marine beings, everything changes in and indescribable and extremely deep way… it’s like finding your true self. I have been a competitive swimmer for so many years and a free diver too, but nothing compares to mermading really

5. Which part of mermaiding is your favorite? (freediving, modeling, performing, etc.)

I like every aspect of mermaiding, even the blurry vision and red eyes! But what I like the most is how people get inspired by what I do, how they smile and what changes boosts in them just seeing a mermaid, that feeling “everything is possible” it gives you and the freedom you experience. Every single aspect.

6. What is your favorite mermaid tail?

At the moment is my lovely blue, green and coral red mermaid tail which design was inspired by my favorite marine creature, the amazing eagle of the sea the Bancroft Manta. Anyway I like to change style a lot and thus, I hope to have soon a new favourite mermaid tail, maybe from Mermaid Kat’s Shop!

Mermaid Kassandra

7. Do you have any idols?

As a competitive free diver my inspiration have always been the beloved Natal’ja Molcanova, she wasn’t only a great athlete but she had such a strong passion for what she loved that you couldn’t feel inspired by her and take she as a model.

8. Do you have any tips for others who would like to turn into mermaids or mermen?

I know this is a dream with open eyes for everyone but safety comes first! Mermaiding is a wonderful activity but you can’t just jump in your tail and go across the waters, I myself come from many years of competitive swimming and free diving. Find a good diving instructor and if it’s your first time in the waters apply a long swimming course and remember never dive alone! Then you’re ready to grab your dream tail and enjoy the waves!

Thank you very much Mermaid Kassandra for answering all my mermaid questions. I’m looking forward to following your future mermaid adventures.

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Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat