Lily la Mer

Interview with Mermaid Lily la Mer

Today I would like to introduce you to the beautiful Mermaid Lily la Mer. Lily la Mer is a full time professional mermaid from London. I think the story of Lily turning into a mermaid is one of the most amazing and heard warming stories ever. Find out more about this real life mermaid in this interview.

1. Please introduce yourself, including where you’re from and where you’re based.

Hello! I’m Frankie, and my mermaid name is Lily la Mer 🙂 I’m a British mermaid based in London UK. I’m a full time mermaid and circus performer, entertaining guests at luxury events all around the world.

2. How did you become a mermaid?

My mermaid journey started in 2012. I had been working as a trapeze artist and stilt walker but in 2011 I lost the use of my legs.  Being in a wheelchair meant that I couldn’t dance or perform anymore, which broke my heart. A friend made a joke that I could be a mermaid because they didn’t need legs, and that joke led me to discover the amazing professional mermaids already performing abroad! I started mermaid swimming with a couple of friends and we founded the first professional mermaid company in the UK. Since then I’ve been mermaiding full time, and even though I have the use of my legs back, mermaiding is still my favourite type of performing 🙂

Real life mermaid Lily la Mer

3. What means mermaiding to you?

For me, mermaiding is intrinsically linked with freedom and self expression.  When I couldn’t dance on land anymore, I started dancing underwater instead.  Being underwater takes all the weight off your injuries and allows you to move without pain and fear. It’s so beautiful and peaceful under the water that all the stresses of life slip away.  There’s only peace  and weightlessness.  Mermaiding allows me to share that passion with the world.

4. Which part of mermaiding is your favorite? (freediving, modeling, performing, etc.)

I love all of them! Free diving is probably my favourite, and I adore modelling underwater.  Being in the water is my paradise.  In the UK a lot of mermaid performance work is on land so it makes me really happy when I can perform in the water.

5. Do you do mermaiding as a hobby or professionally?

Professionally, so it’s a special treat when I have time to do things like go swimming for fun or do a photo shoot just because I want to! I think a lot of hobbyist mermaids want to become professional but don’t realize that the more it becomes a job, the more you have to treat it as a business and be very careful to keep your spark of passion alive!

Lily la Mer real life mermaid

6. What are your mermaid goals for the future?

Continuing to progress professionally and expand our company.  And personally, I really want to take my free diving training to the next level and certify as an instructor, as well as achieve a 5 min breath hold. My goals expand every year!

7. Do you have any tips for others who would like to turn into mermaids or mermen?

So many! For those who want to be professional, my biggest piece of advice would be to make sure that you charge proper rates for your work.  There’s a real danger in creative industries that new performers charge too low rates and damage the industry they are trying to enter.  If you need advice then chat to an existing full time mermaid in your community. They’ll be able to advise you and that way you can increase your chances of making a good living doing what you love 🙂

Thank you very much Mermaid Lily la Mer for answering my questions. I’m looking forward to following your future work and I hope that we’ll manage to swim together in the near future.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat