Mercon in Western Australia

Mercon Australia 2016

I’m just coming back from Mercon Australia, Australia’s first mermaid convention and am really happy to give you a little look into it. Over the past few years the worldwide mermaid community grew a lot. Annually mermaid meet ups such as mermaid conventions have become very popular in many different countries. I have been to my first mermaid convention in August 2011. I wasn’t really a mermaid at that time but on my way to transform. Mercon in Las Vegas surely gave me some inspiration. Mermania is another get together of merpeople from all around and became very famous. Unfortunately I haven’t been to Mermania yet but I really hope that my fins will bring me there one day too. But last weekend I have been to Australia’s very first mermaid convention, Mercon Australia. After waiting for a long time, finally the Australian mers got together in Western Australia. Let me tell you more about a funny and sunny mermaid meet up.

Australia’s very first mermaid convention was hosted in Busselton in Western Australia. The Perth Mermaids and Busselton Mermaids collaborated to organize Australia’s first Mercon together. The event started on 25th November 2016 around midday with a general welcome, safety talk and beach swim.  Mermaid Sonja was happily swimming in her turquoise and pink mermaid tail from Mermaid Kat Shop. Since my husband had a little accident the night before, we missed the beach swim but we made it to the evening event at the Fat Chef Café. That was the first time I met all the other mermaids and mermen who came from all over Australia to Busselton. It was a lovely evening and we all sat outside on the grass while eating pizza and watching the movie Splash. Well actually most mers were so excited that the conversations almost took over the movie.

Mermaids underwater in Busselton at mercon
Mercon 2016 Busselton Mermaid Convention Australia

The next day all Australian mermaids and mermen met up at the Busselton Jetty for an underwater swim and photo shoot. The water was a little bit chilly but Adelaide’s Mermaid Mizuko said it was pretty warm compared to the South Australian waters. The Busselton Jetty is a beautiful spot for mermaids to swim and play. The mix between new and experienced mermaids made it very interesting. For Mermaid Maria Sophie it was the first time to swim out into 8 m deep water. She certainly looked like she had lots of fun. Merman Andrew played with Mermaid Kate Silverfin and Mermaid Aphrodite while Mermaid Nika and Mermaid Tempest enjoyed the sun at the surface. Mermaid Stardust joined the water with her mum and Mermaid Keena couldn’t get enough of swimming around the jetty.

In the evening the merfolk met up for a glamorous mermaid gala. Mermaid Nixie had the most amazing mermaid shoes while Dalestair Ophelia Kidd and Mermaid Amy Patricia rocked in their mermaid dresses.  The gala was hosted at the observatory at the end of the 1,8 km long jetty. We joined a guided tour and walked downstairs to see fish, crabs, corals and other marine life through windows. It was the perfect place for landlocked mermaids and mermen.

On Sunday 27th November 2016 the mermaid group went to Hamelin Bay. This bay is famous for their sting rays that come right to the shore to say hello to humans. For most mers it was a wonderful experience to interact with wild sea creatures like that.

Mermaids in Busselton at Mercon Australia

Australia’s first mermaid convention was a very fun event. It was nice to get to know so many other merfolks and making new merfriends. I hope that I can join the next Mercon in the following year.

The Australian’s Mercon 2017 will be hosted in Busselton again. The dates are 17th-19th November 2017.

I hope that even more mermaids and mermen from all Australia will come together in 2017.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat