Zara's mermaid birthday party in Perth

Zara’s 4th Mermaid Birthday in Perth

A wonderful way to spend my time in Perth during a weekend is to perform at a mermaid birthday. Last weekend I was so lucky to spread my mermaid magic on three different mermaid birthday parties at some great places around Perth. I love it make children’s eyes sparkle. Seeing that rally makes my day.

On Sunday I surprised little Zara and her friends at her 4th birthday party.

It was a lovely afternoon when I arrived for Zara’s mermaid birthday party in Swanville near Perth. Under the great management of Zara’s parents I sneaked my mermaid tail unnoticed into the back yard. I oiled my legs and squeezed into my beautiful blue and pink silicone mermaid tail by Mermaid Kat Shop. The huge pectoral fins are amazing and make me think that I could fly off like a fairy (I tried it before but it didn’t work and my friend Faerie Cara made fun of me).

Perth Mermaid Birthday Party
Mermaid Birthday in Perth

I set up my little mermaid corner with my bubbles and mermaid make up and waited for the birthday girl and her guests. When Zara came out to the pool and saw a real life mermaid in her backyard she couldn’t believe it. The fact that there was a mermaid in her garden made her speechless. She and her friends were really excited about meeting a mermaid for the first time.

At first, to get the mermaid party started, all the kids got some colorful mermaid make up. Additionally some got colorful rainbows and flowers painted on their arms. Then it was time to bring Zara’s mermaid party to the next level. We moved over to the pool and went for a swim together in the lovely 38 degrees warm swimming pool. Zara is like a fish and in all honestly, I was really impressed by her strong swimming abilities. And not to mention her diving and little “underwater stunts”. I haven’t seen many 4 year olds that are that confident in the water. In the first place some guests were a little bit shy to enter the water. But after a short time everybody had a splash eventually.

Mermaid Birthday around Perth
Perth mermaid parties

The highlight for most little girls, were the mermaid rides. Even though some couldn’t swim yet, all the girls went onto my back. One by one they had some magical mermaid rides through the water. Some of them stayed above the water while I was swimming just underneath the surface. Others had fun to dive down with me together. In either way, they all surely loved the mermaid rides. Zara’s mermaid birthday was a blast. We had lots of fun in the pool and it looked like the adults had just as much by watching us.

I really hope you enjoyed the rest of your party Zara. I’m wishing you again a very happy birthday and hope to see you again soon.

Mermaid Birthday around Perth

I love working at mermaid birthday parties and especially Perth offers so many different locations. If you don’t have your own swimming pool it is easy to organize a mermaid birthday at a different location. Beaches around Perth as well as a public swimming pool like Aquamotion are great locations for mermaid parties.

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