Mermaid Tail Safety

Swimming in a mermaid tail is the dream of many young girls. To fulfill the childhood dream of becoming a real life mermaid is something most women would like to do. And even more and more boys and men enter the magical world of mermaids and mermen. The use of mermaid tails in the water can be much fun but there are some things to consider to guarantee the mermaid tail safety.

Facts about Mermaid Tail Safety

How safe are Mermaid Tails?

First of all it is important to know that mermaid tails aren’t swimming devices. Mermaid tails may only be used by people who are confident swimmers and don’t need any assistance in deep water. Additionally, we recommend to be at least 8 years old, before using your mermaid tail in the water. Under aged mermaids and mermen should use mermaid fins only with a guardian of a minor or the legal representatives. Also adult merfolks should use mermaid tails only with an experienced buddy or under supervision. Accidents in the water can happen quickly, no matter if you wear a mermaid tail or not.

Never forget you mermaid tail safety As much fun mermaiding is, it is also exhausting. Mermaiding is a full body workout and a great training for you to keep fit. We suggest visiting some mermaid classes in a professional mermaid school to learn how to use your tail properly. Train your way up! Use your mermaid tail in shallow water first and when you are confident, take the next step until using it in deep or open water.

When you use your mermaid tail on land never stand up unless you have something to hold onto. With your legs tight together in the tail it is easy to lose balance and fall. Standing on hard undergrounds can also damage your tail skin. Get close to the water before you get into your mermaiding tail.

Mermaid Tails Safety is important to the Mermaid Kat Shop
Mermaid mono fins should have two separate foot pockets with enough space in between, so the ankles can’t touch each other and cause pain while swimming.
Mermaid Monofins should have two separate foot straps to secure a proper fit in the water. Losing your monofin while swimming in the water can lead to dangerous situations.
Mermaid Monofins should not consist of any screws or nails as these can rust after the use in water and damage fin and tail.
Mermaid mono fins need to be powerful and strong. Unfortunately we have heard of many cases where mono fins broke while children were swimming with them what can lead to dangerous situations.
The Mermaid Kat Monofins are professional freediving equipment which are safe and efficient to use for experienced swimmers.

Use good quality Mermaid Tails

You might find different mermaid tails out there, but not all play the same game when it comes to mermaid tail safety. It is important to choose a good quality mermaid tail because some tails can even be dangerous to use in the water. Before you buy a mermaid tail, you should find out what kind of mono fins are being used in the tails. Mono fins made of acrylic glass can break easily while swimming underwater. This can lead to dangerous situations in the water. The mono fins been used at Mermaid Kat Shop are made from a special plastic which is almost unbreakable and allows you to glide through the water gently.

Our mono fins don’t consist of any screws or nails. Some mono fins out there are built with the help of screws or nails which can rust easily after being used in water. This can damage your mermaid tail and lead to a breakdown of the mono fin. If this happens in the water it can bring you in a very risky situation.

In a proper free diving mono fin, like the ones we are using at Mermaid Kat Shop, you will always have two separate foot pockets. They will be apart from each other and have some space between them. This keeps your ankles apart and they can’t touch each other while swimming which can cause pain and break your concentration.

It is important that your mermaid monofin has two separate heel straps. Monofins that only consist of one heel strap for both feed are very easily to slip out of, what makes the mermaid swimming almost impossible. Additionally it will increases the risk of having an accident. Some monofins have two adjustable heel straps, like our monofins. Others have heel straps that are not size adjustable. Adjustable heel straps bring the advantage that you can still use your monofin even if your feet are still growing. But in general both kinds of heel straps are alright as long as they secure a proper fit.

Learn how to use your Mermaid Tail properly

Choose a mermaid tail that is neutrally buoyant. If a mermaid tail pulls you underwater or floats up to the surface it can be complicated for you to swim relaxed and take a breath. The Mermaid Kat tails are neutrally buoyant which means that they neither float nor sink. As we don’t use any neoprene or felt covers in our fabric mermaid tails the tail will not pull you up to the surface and make it hard for you to get your face out of the water to breathe.

If you want to purchase a silicone mermaid tail you should make sure that it includes a good monofin like described above. Apart from that, make sure that it consists of high quality Dragon Skin Silicone. This kind of silicone is also being used in the medicine industry and is very gentle to your skin. It won’t cause you any health problems and is no risk for the environment when used in open water. As silicone is neutrally buoyant, means it neither floats nor sinks, it is great for swimming underwater. Make sure that your silicone mermaid tail does not consist of any additional materials like neoprene. These are positively buoyant and will pull you up to the surface. To neutralise this, you would have to wear weights. Make sure that the colours being used are non toxic so that you don’t get any health problems and don’t harm the environment.

We also recommend to join a professional mermaid school where you learn how to use your mermaid tail properly. If you are in Germany or Australia why don’t you join some mermaid classes at Mermaid Kat Academy Germany or Mermaid Kat Academy Australia?

These mermaid tail safety tips will help you to enjoy swimming in your mermaid tail and always be on the safe side!

The Mermaid Kat Shop teaches you Mermaid Tail Safety

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