Mermaid tails for kids for swimming

Mermaid Tails for Kids

Mermaid tails for kids are the new thing; the new must have for the summer. First I would like to say that mermaid tails for kids are a great combination between keeping fit and adding magic to the daily life. For instance a colorful and sparkly tail allows children to escape the pressures of school and society for a while. But furthermore it replaces time that could be spend on the laptop, computer or TV with some physical activates. Therefore mermaid tails for kids are a great way to keep your children active while they have fun. Mermaiding also helps children to re-connect with their fantasy and can inspire to more creativity. Please note that mermaid tails should only be used by experienced swimmers and under adult supervision.

Because mermaid tails for kids have been such a big success in the past few years, many companies have started to sell them. Unfortunately not all companies produce safe and high-class mermaid equipment. Some mermaid tails for kids have actually been proven to be potentially dangerous when used in water. For that reason let me give you a few tips before purchasing mermaid tails for kids.

Mermaid tails for kids
Mermaid tails for kids with monofin

The most important thing on a mermaid tail is the monofin inside. Before you purchase a tail for children find out who designed the fin. Some companies have been created by parents or grandparents who originally made a tail for their daughter or granddaughter. That of course is a very sweet idea and I’m sure every little girl would be more than happy about such a present. However there is a difference in making one tail for your little girl or producing thousands for a business. To manufacture mermaid tails for kids that are used in the water, the fins should be designed by water professionals.

Many mermaid tails for kids include “self-created” flippers that no water professional would ever approve. They either have one heel strap for both feet or just two wholes cut into some rubber for the feed to slip into. Either way in both varieties it is very common to slip out with the feet while swimming. This can lead to dangerous situations in the water. A good mermaid monofin should have two separate foot straps to secure a proper fit. During my time using and testing many available designs I was shocked to see how quickly some monofins broke without any big impacts. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your little girl while she uses her tail in the water, would you?

The best mermaid tails for kids
Best mermaid tails for kids

Other companies cover their monofins with neoprene. A person who understands how water works and is experienced in working with water would know that this is a big safety hazard. Neoprene is positively buoyant, which means it will always float to the surface. As a result the fin with the feet inside will float up to the surface. This makes it hard for children to lift their heads out of the water to breathe.

Before purchasing mermaid tails for kids look at the company’s age recommendations. There are companies that recommend a minimum age of 6. But after all let me ask you, how many 6 year olds do you know that are such experienced swimmers that they could handle a mermaid tail in the water? I have been working as a scuba, freediving and mermaid instructor for several years. Of course I have seen exceptions where 6 year olds have handled tails very well. But please let’s keep in mind that these are exceptions. In average 6 year old children are still developing their safe swimming skills. And even with good swimming skills, most 6 year olds wouldn’t have the physical development to handle a monofin in the water. With this in mind companies with a recommended minimum age of 8+ years should be much more trust worthy to you.

Safe mermaid tails for kids

If you want to purchase mermaid tails for kids have a look at the Mermaid Kat Shop mermaid tails. The mermaid monofins have been designed over several months by freedivers and engineers. They have been tested by water professionals and are now endorsed by mermaids and freedivers worldwide. The Mermaid Kat Shop spandex mermaid tails are still the only spandex tails globally that include a professional monofin. You can even take the fin out of the tail skin and use it for practice by itself. Our mermaid tails for kids will make your children’s eyes sparkle and keep them safe.

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