Cheap mermaid tails for the pool

Mermaid Tails for the Pool

Mermaid tails for the pool will make this summer unforgettable. Finally you can transform into a real life mermaid or merman. Not to mention how much fun you will have swimming underwater like a dolphin. Our incredible mermaid tails for the pool and sea make this happen.

These mermaid tails for the pool are not only fully swimmable but also made of a fabric that is resistant against chlorine water. The tails from “Mermaid Kat Shop” are chlorine and salt resistant and the colors won’t fade.

Mermaid tails for the pool for sale
Mermaid tails for the pool for swimming

Our mermaid tails are much fun in your private as well as public swimming pools. But be aware that you have to be a confident swimmer before you use a mermaid tail in the water. Mermaid tails are no swimming devices and should only be used when you are comfortable in deep water without any assistance. Mermaid fins should also never be used without supervision.

Our tails for the pool include a professional monofin and a mermaid tail skin.  As a result of our special monifins, these tails are the most efficiant fabric tails available. The tail skin is made of fabric that consists of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. These fabrics are made for swimming but not for standing or sitting on sharp edges or tiles of the pool. These will tear the fabric of your mermaid tail. Therefor avoid touching the side or bottom of the pool while swimming in your tail. As long as you take care of that your tail should stay beautiful for a long time. But even in case if you get holes in your fabric tail after a while, no problem. Tail skins are easy to replace and you can reuse the fin since that is almost unbreakable.

Mermaid tails for the pool
Mermaid tails for the pool and sea

After using you tail in chlorine or salt water rinse it with cold fresh water. If there is excess water in it, squeeze it out gently. While cleaning your tail avoid twisting the fabric. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or washing detergents to clean the tail. Avoid dry cleaning or ironing. In general taking care of your tail is pretty easy. After your tail is dry put it on a special place, maybe on a shelf where you can always see it.

By following these few instructions, much fun is guaranteed with our mermaid tails for the pool.

Turning into a mermaid or merman is definitely an unforgettable adventure. After swimming in mermaid tails for the pool you will realize straightaway that you can never be without it again.

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