The Quality of our Mermaid Tails

To create our mermaid tails the Mermaid Kat Shop started working together with a professional team. This team consists of scuba diving instructors, freedivers, models and artists. We tried many different spandex mermaid tails on the market before, but none of them could reach our high standards. They either didn’t look realistic or the quality of the mono fin was too bad to provide the power needed for some serious mermaid activities in the water. That’s why we created a range of high functional fabric and silicone mermaid tails.

Our Mermaid Mono Fins

The mono fins that comes with any of our mermaid tails are professional freediving mono fins. The blade of the mono fin is made out of polypropylene and is basically unbreakable while swimming. The two foot pockets are made out of a soft rubber and don’t hurt your feet. The foot pockets are apart from each other to avoid your ankles and feet rubbing together while swimming. Our mono fins are size adjustable. Two foot straps secure a proper fit for both of your feet, even when one foot is bigger than the other. The “Mermaid Kat Hydra” and “Mermaid Kat Triton” are the only mermaid monofins that are specifically made for freediving while providing the perfect mermaid look.

Can’t break while swimming

Have two separate foot pockets

Have two heel straps

Are adjustable in size

Don’t have any materials like screws or nails that can rust

Are made for serious activities in the water

Are neutrally buoyant (they don’t pull you down or up to the surface)

Don’t have a neoprene cover (this would float to the surface and make it hard for you to keep your head above the water)

Were developed by freediving and scuba instructors

The best quality mermaid mono fins are from Mermaid Kat Shop
Highest quality skin for fabric mermaid tails by Mermaid Kat Shop

Our Fabric Mermaid Tail Skin

Our fabric mermaid tails have a 3D scale print. This print makes our tails as realistic looking as a fabric mermaid tail can look like. The mermaid tail’s fabric skin consists of swimwear fabric with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. The skin of our fabric mermaid fins is really flexible. Even when you are still growing, your fabric mermaid tail grows with you. It is resistant to use it in chlorine and saltwater. A sipper on the side of your tail allows you to remove the fin from your tail easily.

Have a 4-way stretch

Are easy to get in and out

Are resistant to salt and chlorine water

Have color protection in the sun

Consist of a sipper to remove the monofin easily

Our Silicone Mermaid Tails

All silicone mermaid tails created by Mermaid Kat Shop are unique handmade individuals. The scales are actually 3D and look and feel super realistic. All silicone mermaid fins are made in Germany under the high German quality standards. We use the highest quality dragon skin silicone on the market. It is safe for you to wear on your skin, even when you use it in the sun, chlorine or saltwater. This kind of silicone also finds use in the medicine and mask building industry. The colors we use to tint our silicone mermaid tails are completely free of any toxins. They can’t cause any damage to your health or the ocean environment.

Our silicone mermaid tails are handmade individuals

The scales are 3D for a realistic look and feel

We use the highest quality dragon skin silicone on the market

The colors in our silicone mermaid tails are free of any toxins

Our silicone tails are made to your measurements and design ideas

High quality silicone mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop

Trust in Mermaid Kat

As an international professional mermaid, underwater stunt woman, freediving instructor, scuba diving instructor and mermaid trainer, the name “Mermaid Kat” stands for experience, professionalism and safety. Mermaid Kat uses the mermaid tails from the Mermaid Kat Shop during underwater stunt work. She wears them in all kind of water conditions around the world. Because of the great quality of our mermaid tails, she is able to keep up with sea creatures like dolphins, whales and even tiger sharks. Thousands of mermaid students in Kat’s International Mermaid Academy have used and tested the mermaid tails of the Mermaid Kat Shop. They were able to show great performances in confined and open water while using the mermaid tails of the Mermaid Kat Shop.

Mermaid Kat Mermaid Tails – Quality you can trust!