On Sunday 12th March 2017 you can see real mermaids at Teddy Bears Picnic in Perth. Mermaid Kat, Mermaid Meggi and Sonja Mermaid will enchant the guests in Perth between 9 am and 4 pm.

The Teddy Bears Picnic is a very popular event in Perth. This this year the Perth festival will be extra special. It is the first year that there will be real mermaids at the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Mermaid Kat has been a professional mermaid for several years. The underwater model travels the world for photo and TV productions and swims with sea creatures like whales, dolphins and even sharks. In 2012 she opened the world’s first mermaid school which had over 3000 mermaid students so far. The Mermaid Kat Academy has now bases in Germany and Perth. Kat also produces and sells her own range of highly functional mermaid tails at Mermaid Kat Shop.

Meet real mermaids at Taddy Bears Picnic at Perth Zoo
Real mermaids at Teddy Bears Picnic in Perth

Mermaid Meggi and Sonja Mermaid will perform together with Kat at Teddy Bears Picnic this year. Sonja has been a mermaid student in Kat’s mermaid school last year. During the professional mermaid workshop she has shown her wonderful skills and got certified as a “Gold Mermaid”. Therefore she owned her way into the Mermaid Kat Family. Since 2016 Sonja Mermaid performs frequently together with Mermaid Kat on private and public events.

Mermaid Meggi will be the third mermaid to perform at Teddy Bears Picnic this year. Meggi is one of Kat’s newer mermaid students and is very talented. During training sessions Meggi picked up mermaid skills and tricks very quickly. The Teddy Bears’ Picnic will be Meggi’s first public event to perform as a mermaid. In the meanwhile Meggi can’t stop to take off her tail and keeps practicing every day. She is really excited to demonstrate her mermaid skills in front of thousands of guests next weekend.

Real mermaids at teddy Bears Picnic at Perth Zoo

Meet Real Mermaids at Teddy Bears Picnic in Perth

Our real mermaids will perform in a 12m long underwater tank. At the same time one of the mermaids will be available to take photos with the guests. Come around, say hello and have your photo taken.The Teddy Bears Picnic in Perth is your chance to be enchanted by real mermaids.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat