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Perth Mermaid Surprise Visit

A Perth Mermaid Surprise Visit will create an unforgettable memory for your little princess. Imagine you and your family are relaxing around one of Perth’s beaches and suddenly a real mermaid comes around to surprise you children. Little April couldn’t believe it when Mermaid Kat suddenly appeared for a mermaid surprise visit at Hillary’s in Perth.

Shortly after Christmas I got ready for a very special mermaid surprise in Perth. It was April’s 6th birthday and her parents had something very special for her in mind. April lives in Canberra and was in Perth for a short trip. Since all of her friends were in Canberra she couldn’t have a real mermaid birthday party in Perth. Instead we planned a magical mermaid surprise at Hillary’s Boat Harbor.

Book a mermaid surprise in Perth
Mermaid Surprise in Perth

While April went for a little walk I got into my silicone mermaid tail. When she came back to the beach she couldn’t believe to see a real mermaid sitting on the sand. April was really excited and happy to see a mermaid for the very first time. Her little sister and cousin were equally excited. All three of them loved to ask me questions, especially about my favorite mermaid dish – seaweed paste 🙂

After our little introduction talk, April and I went into the water for a mermaid swim. We started to swim side by side and afterwards April had a mermaid ride on my back. April and her sister kept bringing me seaweed to make lots of seaweed pasta, hmmm yummy. Eventually I had to tell April that I had to go back into the deeper waters. I said goodbye to the birthday girl and her family and swam off. Behind me I heard their voices calling out: “Bye Mermaid Kat. Swim safely.”

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Mermaid Surprise Perth

In summery it seemed like April enjoyed her mermaid surprise visit very much. I think she enjoyed spending time on the beach, but I’m sure she enjoyed swimming with a mermaid even more. Her little sister can’t stop talking about meeting a mermaid. She even keeps on demonstrating how a mermaid swims.

Thank you April, for spending time with me, during your visit in Perth. It was lovely to meet you and your family. I hope you enjoy your birthday party in Canberra as much as your mermaid surprise visit in Perth.

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