Mermaid Accessories

The Mermaid Kat Shop offers a big range of beautiful Mermaid Accessories for mermaids, mermen, water fairies and other mythical water creatures. Because we love mermaids, all our handmade accessories are created with lots of passion, detail and love. Finally you can get your individual mermaid sea crown or unicorn horn. Furthermore you can transform your horse into a real unicorn. With our unique jewelries and unicorn horns you will gain unforgettable memories while you are on your fantasy adventures. You can create your unique mermaid horn and let the magic grow. With our individual accessories nothing is holding you back from entering the world of magic and fantasy. With our accessories you can give your mermaid outfit a unique note. Become the water goddess that stands out from the other mermaids and water fairies.

Choose your magical Mermaid Accessories and start you enchanting adventures as a real life mermaid or water fairy.

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