Mermaid Bikinis

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Mermaid Bikinis

Check out our mermaid bikinis and match your spandex mermaid tail. You can either get a bikini in your tail’s color or mix it up and create you individual look. Since the little mermaid “Ariel” everyone knows that is ok to wear a bikini top that has a different color than your tail. Therefore just be creative and mix it up as you like. Our bikinis will make you the highlight at your next beach or pool party. If you are out mermaiding or enjoy a match of beach volleyball, these bikinis will always show you from your best side. Don’t lose your mermaid look while you are out of your tail! Choose from our 8 different colors or get one of every color.

These mermaid bikinis consist of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Our bikinis are ultra-chlorine resistant as well as resistant against sun creams. They are fully lined and size adjustable thanks to cute little ribbons on the side.

These Mermaid Bikinis will make you keep your mermaid look, even when you are out of your tail

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