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If you are looking for high quality mono fins, the Mermaid Kat Shop is the right place for you. We offer professional monofins that bring safety and fun into your freediving and mermaiding adventures. All our mono fins have two separate foot pockets and in addition to that also two separate foot straps. The space between the foot pockets is big enough so that your ankles won’t touch or hurt each other while swimming. The two separate foot straps secure a proper fit while swimming.  Furthermore they make it almost impossible to slip out of your fin while swimming. Although it is easy to get out of them quickly if you have to. Our mono fins are unbreakable while swimming and don’t consist of any screws or nails.

The Mermaid Kat Shop offers a big range of different monofin designs. The “Triton” and “Hydra” are two popular and well established monofins on the international freediving market. Many freedivers use the “Triton” or “Hydra” monofins as they are efficient in the water and easy to use. For over three years we have been using the “Triton” and “Hydra” fins in our mermaid tails. As a result our mermaid tails are the most efficient mermaid tails on the market.

Our customers were very happy and satisfied with the quality, power and efficiency of our mermaid tails. But some of them wished for a “more fishy” look concerning the mono fin. In 2016, after 10 months of collecting ideas, creating prototypes and endless tests, we were very happy and proud to introduce our very own mermaid monofin collection. We combined the unbeatable power and efficiency  of the “Triton” and “Hydra” and combined it with our very own Mermaid Kat design. The results of a great collaboration between two leading companies in the freediving and mermaiding industry are the “Mermaid Kat Triton” and “Mermaid Kat Hydra” mono fins. The best combination of efficiency and the perfect mermaid look.

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Important notes: Mono fins are NO BUOYANCY AIDS! Mono fins are suitable FOR STRONG SWIMMERS ONLY. The use of mono fins in the water may not be used without a guardian of a minor and without the legal representatives.

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