Chameleon Silicone Mermaid Top


Chameleon silicone mermaid top – this top changes it’s colour

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Our chameleon silicone mermaid tops are colour changing, depending on the angle of the light. This silicone mermaid top with chameleon effect is perfect for everyone who can’t decide on just one colour.

Here at Mermaid Kat Shop we create our silicone mermaid tops with passion and love. Every top is handcrafted and unique.

Colour changing Chameleon Silicone Mermaid Top


Please note: All our silicone mermaid tops consist of the highest quality Dragon Skin Silicone on the market. They are handmade to the measurements you send us and your design wishes. Please check our measurement instructions for instructions.

Weight 1 kg
Top Size

1 (kid's size), 2 (teenager's size), 3 (cub size a-b), 4 (cup size c-d)