Fabric Mermaid Tails for Boys and Men


Highly functional fabric mermaid tail for swimming. This mermaid tail includes a freediving monofin.

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Have you always dreamed of becoming a real life merman? Then these swimmable fabric mermaid tails for boys and men can make your dream come true.

Our fabric mermaid tails look realistic and are classed as proper swimming equipment. All our mermaid tails include a professional freediving mono fin. Our Mermaid Kat Triton and Mermaid Kat Hydra fins were designed by water professionals such as scuba and freediving instructors. Today they are endorsed by freedivers, mermaids and mermen around the globe.

Our mermaid mono fins are made out of polypropylene and the separate foot pockets are made out of a soft rubber. The two heel straps are adjustable and guarantee the perfect fit for your feet. Our mono fins don’t consist of any screws or nails which could rust and damage your mermaid tail.

Our fabric mermaid tails for boys and men will turn you into a warrior merman!

The tail skin consists of swimwear fabric with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. A scale print gives your new mermaid tail the perfect look.

Please note: Mermaid tails are NO BUOYANCY AIDS! Since you swim with legs tight together mermaid tails are suitable FOR SWIMMERS ONLY. The use of mermaid fins in the water should consequently not be used without supervision.

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 72 × 62 × 8 cm