Realistic mermaid tails for sale

Realistic Mermaid Tails for Sale

You and your friends dream about swimming in realistic mermaid tails? Then you are really lucky. Finally realistic mermaid tails are available for everyone now. The Mermaid Kat Shop is the right address for you. We offer high quality realistic merrmaid tails for sale. These mermaid tails are the most efficient mermaid tails in the market and turn you into real life mermaids. But most noteworthy; our mermaid monofins were designed by engineers and professional freedivers. Therefore they are safe to use for experienced swimmers and most efficient in the water.

We have different options regarding our realistic mermaid tails for sale. You can either purchase the mermaid tail by itself or in a set. To purchase your tail just by itself means it comes with a mermaid tail skin and a professional mermaid monofin. If you would like to purchase it in a set it will come with a tail skin, the matching bikini and of course one of our efficient mermaid monofins.

Realistic mermaid tails for children
Realistic mermaid tails for swimming

But there is more. The opportunities with our realistic mermaid tails for sale are endless. You can combine your mermaid tail with a different colored bikini just like the little mermaid “Ariel”. You can also purchase mermaid tail skins in different colors to have a new look on every day of the week. The tail skins of our realistic mermaid tails have a zipper that allows you to remove the monofin and change the fabric. Wear a different tail color every day and the mermaid magic is guaranteed.

The tail skins and bikinis that come with our realistic mermaid tails consist of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. This means your tail is stretchy and you can wear it for a long time, even if you’re still growing. In addition to that your mermaid tail skin is ultra-chlorine resistant and the bikinis are fully lined. Our tails have a 3D scale print,therefore your tail looks super realistic.

If you are looking for a cheap realistic mermaid tail with good quality, check out our fabric mermaid tails.

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